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Religons and Evolution

Recently, oh who am I kidding, FOREVER the world has been debating if there really is a God or not. And I’ve been looking at some “Evolution of the World and Space” video’s comments on YouTube lately, and basically there are two sides, The Christians (Believers of God & Christ), and The Atheist ( Non-Believers).

Shake It Up!!!

Shake It Up is about the two girls Cece Jones & Rocky Blue, who have a dream to be professional dancers, and get to do that on Shake It Up Chicago. I’ve already seen some of the new show, it’s a good balance of friendship, dramaticness, and humor. It seems to be almost the most greatest comedy show on T.V. I hope you and your family are able to see the new show.

Premiere: November 7, 2010

(MAY be showing new ones every Saturdays OR Sundays for the next couple of months.)

Shake It Up Theme Song:


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Diving In a Ten Foot Pool!

First of all I want to thank Sydney my dive teacher, thank you for teaching me! If you want to learn how to dive, or if you have a child who wants to learn, go to,W.W. Dive co. sss .And a further announcement, today my sister(bloger ” bubbles” 1 post) is going to her FRIST diving class EVER!!Thank you.

Hey It’s Fred!!!

Fred, the comedy superstar on youtube, is now famous around the globe! He was even on ICarly!